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2026 A/B Multisource Generator – Discontinued

Product Overview


We're sorry, but this product is now discontinued. Please contact us using the form below if you have any questions and we will do our best to assist you.


Up to three fully functional signal generators in one unit offering a unique solution for complex tests on receivers, components and systems.

  • Two or three high-quality RF signal generators in a space efficient format
  • Ideal for intermodulation and receiver characterization
  • Wide frequency coverage:
    -- 10 kHz to 2.51 GHz
  • Support for an external signal generator
  • +24 dBm RF output for effective component testing
  • Application-specific test modes simplify measurement procedures
  • User-defined tracking between signal sources
  • Adjustable carrier phase to allow peaking of three tone intermodulation
  • Built-in switched combiner network improves measurement uncertainty
  • Option 116 - adds GSM capability
  • Option 117 - adds Bluetooth & GSM
  • Option 118 - adds Fast Pulse Modulation


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