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4921, 4932 and 4933 RF Shields


The 4921 RF Shield features:
  • Exceeds 80 dB attenuation requirement for RF shielding
  • Reliable, robust design, yet small size and weight make it a portable solution
  • Ideal for high-volume testing; guaranteed number of open/close cycles
  • Suitable for mobile phones of all sizes; approved by leading phone manufacturers
  • Modular conception - A whole concept of shielding and coupling with the Aeroflex 4916 Antenna Coupler
  • Bluetooth option for Go/NoGo testing available
The 4931 and 4932 RF Shield features:
  • High shielding factor for safe testing in all applications
  • High-grade absorption for repeatable test results
  • Works with the 4914, the 4916 and the 4918 Antenna Couplers
  • Microprocessor-controlled solenoid latching
  • Gas springs are outside for more space
  • No finger stocks to ease maintenance


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