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Wireless Test System (WTS)

Reduce manufacturing test time and accelerate test development

Product Overview

The Wireless Test System (WTS) helps you to reduce manufacturing test time and accelerate test development to get product to market quickly. A WTS solution offers a powerful combination of fast and industry-leading measurement speed, high port density, wide bandwidth and active integrated DUT switching.

Designed for high volume physical layer test in non-signaling test applications, the instrument provides test capabilities for testing multiple antennas, multiple DUTs in parallel and multi-channel RF requirements, such as MIMO or 802.11ac wave 2 & 3. This provides test coverage for all of today and tomorrows connectivity, cellular and internet of things standards.


  • Generate and receive RF signals from 65MHz to 6GHz with up to 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 8 or 16 full duplex RF ports that can be configured for MIMO, multi-standard and multi-DUT testing
  • Chipset automation available
  • Connectivity standards
    • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 80+80 / 160
    • BT / BT LE
    • FM / RDS
    • GNSS
  • Cellular standards
    • LTE / LTE-A
    • WCDMA / HSPA+
    • TD-SCDMA
    • CDMA2000
    • GSM / EDGE

High Performance Hardware

The WTS is based on the tried and tested PXI modular instrument standard and includes a fast PXIe backplane. The product range includes a x8 or x16 port switching and one or more VSTs, each with the capability to generate and receive RF signals from 65MHz to 6GHz with up to 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

Test development and integration time is reduced with the unique ability to support virtual instrumentation for connecting multiple clients. Allowing multiple clients and/or multiple instances of test executives to access the WTS, the instrument schedules testing to maximise use of RF resources amongst the devices under test. This in turn provides multi-DUT scalability with no additional or complex test code development.

Powerful Multi-DUT Software

The standards based measurements are all controlled with an easy-to-use Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) over Ethernet. SCPI control means a simple to deploy platform which can be integrated into existing ATE systems or used as benchtop measurement system in design verification applications.

The WTS hardware is also available with Wireless Test Module (WTM) software. WTM is a TestStand extension designed for conducting RF measurements and integrating device control within the industry's leading and most trusted factory sequencer environment. It offers a flexible and easy to use multi-DUT/parallel test capable software to accelerate test system deployment with chipset control from silicon vendors.


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