Frequency & Band Shifting

Cobham Wireless pioneered the initial industry development of frequency and band shifting technology over a decade ago and has over one thousand units deployed around the world. The rationale for such products remain today as mobile operators continue to look for cost effective ways of extending the reach of networks into remote or rural communities. Very often the need to do so is a requirement of an operators telecommunications licence. The basic business proposition of our frequency and band shifting coverage products is that they can provide the equivalent coverage area of a base station but at a fraction of the cost. In many cases it makes no economic sense for a mobile operator to place base stations in rural or remote areas as the capacity demand from the user base is not high enough to justify it. The frequency and band shifting technology allows for an alternative approach whereby the reach of an existing base station is extended allowing for a wide geographic area to be covered. By optimizing the use of our products a mobile operator can substantially reduce both the capital and operating expenditure of a national mobile network by significantly lowering the number of base stations deployed to achieve coverage.

The principles of Cobham Wireless’ frequency or band shifting technology are that the products dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, the isolation requirements normally experienced using conventional technology by shifting the link frequency or band between a “donor” repeater site – which is connected to the base station - to a “receiver” repeater site, which converts the link frequency or band back to the base station transmission frequency for local propagation. The use of a different link frequency or band allows for much reduced mast heights and through the use of omni directional antenna high output power can be achieved from the “donor” repeater thus enabling large distances to be covered to the “receiver” site. Again this simply extends further the reach of the “donor” base station. We have achieved distances of over 56km between “donor” and “receiver” sites.

Our frequency and band shifting coverage products provide support for a variety of bands including 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz with either frequency or band shifted link frequencies. Devices are easily configured either locally or remotely via a simple GUI interface and a wireless modem or using the AEM network management software.