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High speed rail travel has developed extensively over the last decade, with many countries investing heavily in transportation infrastructure to support economic growth. Wireless communications is an integral aspect of this environment with the use of GSM-R for track to train communications and signalling control. Equally connecting the passenger to the outside world both for voice and data services is becoming an essential part of the passenger experience.

Our innovative portfolio of digital OnBoard repeaters allow passengers to communicate and work, whilst on their journey, even when passing from one country to another. Our portfolio of GSM-R DAS systems and coverage products ensure that essential communications are maintained throughout the train.

Rail & Train projects

  • High Speed 1 link  (UK)
  • GSM-R National Rollouts (UK, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain)
  • X40 regional trains (Sweden)
  • X2000 Intercity trains  (Sweden)
  • Regina Regional trains (Sweden)
  • X55 Trains  (Sweden)
  • NSB Trains (Norway)
  • East Midlands Train line (UK)
  • East Midlands Train line  (UK)
  • Singapore light rail project  (Singapore)

Rail & Train products

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