Smart City Coverage

Brochure: Deploying idDAS

Using idDAS to deliver 3G and 4G coverage for one million partygoers case study

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Case Study: Sony Center

idDAS delivers cellular coverage to shared office space within
iconic building via a unique, capacity-sharing solution

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Solution Overview

The success of smart cities will be dependent on efficient, reliable connectivity with enough capacity provision to support a huge range of IoT applications – as well as ensuring people can still make phone calls, stream videos and update their social media channels wherever and whenever.

By 2020, industry analysts predict there will be over 50 billion connected wireless devices – more than 6 times the population of the planet! Currently it’s reported that 80% of mobile phone usage occurs indoors.

Delivering complete connectivity across a city is not only challenging, but can also be very costly.

Our digital DAS platform offers a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution to delivering maximum coverage and capacity to multiple sites across a city.

of mobile usage occurs indoors
50 billion
connected devices by 2020
1.3 million
people move into cities daily

Intelligent digital DAS solution provides scalable cellular coverage across Berlin, supporting business, leisure and event locations city-wide, enabling smart city development

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