Go Virtual, Get Elastic or Go Home

There are many benefits to implementing and deploying a network virtualization strategy. In order to maximize the benefits, test solutions also need to deliver the advantages of a virtualized environment. Network virtualization is a disruptive trend that is challenging proprietary hardware test vendors. In addition, the focus on improving test utilization and collaboration is something hardware test vendors want to avoid all together. A virtualized and highly utilized test bed means the start of the end to the proprietary test box approach.

Service providers and major equipment manufacturers have physical test beds that reflect low utilization due to limited collaboration and visibility into available test resources. This currently enables test vendors to sell proprietary boxes, knowing the return on investment for the customer may be difficult to obtain.

Some test vendors evangelize how they enable network virtualization but sell the concept that in order to validate performance at scale, users need to invest in more proprietary test hardware. A benefit of virtualization is eliminating the dependency on proprietary hardware and that goes for network test as well. Leveraging standard hardware is one aspect to enabling cost savings; another aspect is to ensure you can maximize utilization of the test resources with on-demand resource allocation anywhere, anytime.

Now imagine…the flexibility and scalability of a virtualized elastic test bed that allows users to adopt a “follow the sun” model that significantly increases the utilization of test assets and improves productivity. Welcome to TeraVM.

Learn more about TeraVM’s virtual elastic test bed by clicking on the infographic below.

Elastic Test Bed Infographic


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Jim Smith Jim Smith leads the Strategic Global Marketing for Cobham Wireless TeraVM, a fully virtualized application emulation and security validation solution. Jim has 23 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry with a number of executive roles in Sales and Marketing.

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