Today the use and reliance on wireless networks is so pervasive that both individuals and businesses expect to be “on line” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everyone has a need to be connected regardless of location whether they are at home, in the office, at an airport, on a remote beach or on a train, metro, airplane or ship. The challenge for the wireless operators, both public safety and cellular is how they achieve this efficiently, cost effectively and in a way that allows for technological change and growth in their networks.

Cobham Wireless provide an extensive portfolio of DAS and wireless coverage products to meet those needs across a large and varied range of environments. Cobham Wireless are experts in understanding and applying the best products to fit the particular requirement and provides both a comprehensive range of standard products and tailor made customised systems where required.

Fibre DAS Systems

Cobham Wireless has over 20 years experience of designing and providing fibre optic coverage systems today known as DAS (distributed antenna systems).

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Network Management & Control

The ability to manage and control any communications infrastructure is a key requirement for all network operators. This is particularly true of DAS wireless systems and off air repeaters.

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Customised Systems

As well as one of the most comprehensive portfolios of standard products in the industry, Cobham Wireless has the ability to produce customised products that are tailored to meet unusual or nonstandard project demands.

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