Cobham Wireless' DSP (digital signal processing) 700MHz digital off air repeaters provide 4G LTE coverage in small and medium sized buildings. Using the products to feed a DAS system enables larger and campus style facilities to be covered. The product can also be used to provide coverage inside tunnels and metros or other confined spaces.

The product range whilst primarily supporting LTE, will also provide support for multiple wireless technologies operating in the 700MHz band including for example CDMA and WCDMA.  Frequency “re-farming” is thus simple and effective to do without the need for any costly hardware changes.  Devices are easily configured either locally or remotely via a simple GUI web interface or using our AEM (Active Element Manager) system and incorporate an innovative IMOP (Interference Mitigation Oscillation Prevention) mechanism that ensures that the products will never oscillate something that can happen with other repeater systems. A unique feature of our product design is that cooling fans are not used in the product range thus increasing MTBF and resilience.