Smart City Coverage

The success of smart cities will be dependent on efficient, reliable connectivity with enough capacity provision to support a huge range of IoT applications – as well as ensuring people can still make phone calls, stream videos and update their social media channels wherever and whenever.

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Rail & Train

High-speed rail travel has developed extensively over the last decade with the adoption of GSM-R for track to train communication and the increasing need for on-board connectivity.

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Within metro systems, coverage is required to meet the needs of both the public for cellular communications and the emergency services, who need radio systems to effectively handle incidents and manage public safety.

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Cobham Wireless is an acknowledged expert in the design and supply of DAS and wireless coverage systems in road and rail tunnels across the globe.

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Campus & Stadia

Delivering high-capacity wireless coverage across stadia and campus environments is essential to ensure infrastructure security and enhance user experience.

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Both mobile and public safety operators face the challenge of delivering efficient and effective in-building coverage in an affordable manner.

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