Connected Car – Validating Reliability

Ensuring the network is able to support the latency and reliability requirements for the connected car vision to become reality

Test Challenges

  • Latencies are critical – short latencies can help to increase traffic densities and speeds, longer latencies mean that vehicles must maintain a wider spacing to ensure sufficient “thinking time”
  • Using a conventional network architecture with a distributed and remote core network could add significant delays as well as large volumes of traffic through the network.
  • “Guaranteed service” – information such as braking to avoid a hazard is safety critical. The system can’t accept the equivalent of a dropped call.
  • Communications need to be secure. No risk of being hacked and e.g. accelerating when needing to brake.
  • Users in the vehicles will also be consuming other services e.g. video, voice calls. Edge-based context sensitive information may also be provided to the user. It is critical that such services do not impede the high priority/safety critical information that is essentially carried over the same RF link.

Test Solution

  • Our solution can set-up varying user profiles to generate realistic data traffic for a live test on a massive scale
    A tailored solution to put your network to the test
    Scale on all levels: Number of User, Amount of Data, etc.