Mobile Secure Gateway Performance

Mobile traffic from the RAN to the core requires a secure connection to prevent cyber attacks on both the RAN and Core network

Test Challenges

  • Creating a live test environment will prove time-consuming, complicated and costly – It’s unrealistic to create on a large scale
  • User profiles are varying – to set up sufficient profiles and generate realistic data traffic for a live test would be impossible
  • To implement this test scenario for every with thousands of live network eNB’s is not only unrealistic, it’s costly
  • The expectations to develop and execute new services quickly, means the validation procedure needs to be efficient and easy to roll-out for multiple sites
  • Testing is not just a one-off process – a developing network requires regular evaluation


  • Use our validation solutions to create a real-world test environment in a lab or semi-live environment
  • Emulate secure RAN connection and populate each secure Ipsec pipe with mobile user data
  • A tailored solution to put your network to the test
  • Scale on all levels: Number of User, Amount of Data, etc.