Radio Aware Video Optimisation

Delivering 4K video to consumers with confidence


Test Challenges

  • Does the MEC video optimization really work under real world conditions and scale?
  • User profiles are varying – to set up sufficient profiles and generate realistic data traffic for a live test would be impossible to implement this test scenario for every with thousands of live network eNB’s is not only unrealistic, it’s costly
  • The expectations to develop and execute new services quickly, means the validation procedure needs to be efficient and easy to roll-out for multiple sites
  • Testing is not just a one-off process – a developing network requires regular evaluation


  • Test engine generates variable UE traffic load with mix of real world voice, video, data apps.
  • TM500 causes/controls changes to eNB ‘channel quality indicator’ by means of different and variable radio conditions
  • Those changes should cause the MEC optimized video application to respond accordingly..
  • TeraVM can also supplement the real eNB setup with RAN emulation to stress multiple MEC server instances
  • Validates “end to end” video CDN with the combination of distributed user plane architecture and centralised control plane