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VIAVI Wireless takes testing to the edge


Solution Overview

Delivering realistic test environments – from the RAN through the EDGE to the Core network

Fulfilling the potential of the evolving 4G and introduction of 5G will require an innovative and dynamic approach to network architecture in order to support all the proposed uses cases. The industry is preparing to converge the Radio Access Networks (RAN) and the Core networks to bring processing functions and resources closer to the user, in order to reduce latency and traffic load, and increase bandwidth on the network.

Rigorous testing through the development phase of this new environment is vital to the success of commercial deployments. Our TM500 and TeraVM offers a complete end-to-end test solution from RANtoCore™, simulating real-world traffic and ensuring networks are robust enough to cope with the complexity and demands of devices and traffic at scale.

Only through the use of a complete end-to-end RANtoCore™ testing and validation solutions will you be able to gain a complete overview of the network and how it will perform under the demands of real-world traffic scenarios.

Billion IoT devices by 2020
of vehicles will exchange data by 2023
5G subscriptions for eMBB by 2023


TeraVM is an application emulation and security performance solution, delivering comprehensive test coverage for application services, wired and wireless networks.

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